Tips for Managing Eczema in Children

Tips for Managing Eczema in Children

  1. Understand what you are seeing. Eczema presents in many different textures, shapes and patterns and can vary based on factors such as skin pigmentation. Seek professional medical advice from your family doctor, your child’s pediatrician or a dermatologist to be sure that your child actually has eczema. Read this article for more information on common areas eczema may develop in children.

  2. Identify triggers (environment, food allergy, fabrics, etc). Paying close attention to things that seem to cause flare ups will better help your child to avoid these moments of uncomfortability. Read more about this here.

  3. Moisturize their skin immediately following bath time - the skin’s dewey texture makes it ideal for absorbing moisture. We recommend P2 & You’s Lotion 4 Little Ones’ Daily Moisturizer.

  4. Seal in moisture with a thick emollient (an ingredient that softens, smoothes and moisturizes the skin). We recommend P2 & You’s Goodbye 2 Dry’ Dry Skin Relief.

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