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We are happy with it.

I purchased this eczema ointment for My son... the results were really good! His skin cleared up after about two weeks of using the ointment!

Good product

I absolutely love the simple suds I recently purchased. Company was very professional and provided excellent customer service when I had questions about the product.

All the way satisfied!

I ordered the dry skin relief and it helped my skin stop itching way faster than any other product! I highly recommend it! P2 & You is very fast to ship products, very professional, and has an amazing business!

Happy customers

It was for my grandbaby who suffers from mild eczema. My daughter has seen improvement with her flare ups and it's a great product.

Good for skin

I use it for my face and hands, I love it

Too Early to Tell

I’ve only used it once so far (last night). So far it has caused my skin to itch. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a new product or if I’m allergic to one of the ingredients. Will continue to use to see if there is a change.

Good for "Heat Bumps"

I suffer from “Heat Bumps” especially during my workout sessions and I decided to give it a try last year and was amazed at how it calmed my itching and irritation so I didn’t hesitate to purchase it again last week when I noticed the “Heat Bumps” on my neck and between my breast returned.

Happy with this product

It works very well on my grandson's eczema

Baby Wash for the Win!

The baby wash is a great body wash. It leaves my daughter's skin soft at the end of her shower.

I love it!

The baby wash lathers good and I love the tiny puff-puff! The rash cream is super thick which provides a great barrier for babies skin!

Every product works!

After several days, I started to see improvement in the dry patches on my kids skin. During the summer, the sunscreen was a great asset in protecting their skin from sun burns.

It really works!

Skin so smooth and soft. Itching much better

Works Heavenly for Heat Rashes

In the summer months I always get heat rashes under my breast. So I gave this a try and been sold ever since. No longer do I apply deodorant under that area.

I Use it for My Feet - I have Diabetes

That's some miracle cream. I have severely dry skin due to my diabetes on my feet. Better than the prescription diabetes cream for my feet. Super amazing!!! Thanks for the fast shipping!!!

The Difference with These Products

This is the difference between P2 products compared to other products. Other products leave my baby hair dry and fuzzy while these leave her hair in her natural curliness. First pic is other products, the second others are with yours

Worked for My Lupus Rashes

I get Lupus rashes on my neck and one was coming on. I started using good bye 2 dry on it and used it for a week to see if it would help me and it did!! My rash did not flare as bad as it use to do and it was gone after using it for approximately 9 days. I used it once a day and saw a difference. It usually bothers me where it would itch also but it did not itch as much. Thank you!!!❤️❤️