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Happy Hands Foaming Hand Soap

Happy Hands Foaming Hand Soap

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The fun that comes with suds and bubbles should be fun for everyone - even children with sensitive skin! That's why we've created this foaming hand soap especially made with your little one in mind. This soap is:

  • Unscented
  • Naturally Gentle Cleanse
  • Extremely Mild
  • Richly Foaming

Directions: Wet hands and pump soap into palm. Work into a rich lather and rub over both hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry with a hand towel. Follow up with our 'Lotion 4 Little Ones' Daily Moisturizer for optimal hydration.

Ingredients: Water, Castile Soap, vegetable glycerin, Colloidal Oat Milk, Carrot Seed Oil


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for sensitive hands with lots of hand washing

Soap instantly dry my hands out.. (eczema flares up really bad) So every time I wash my hands, I apply my Goodbye 2 Dry Eczema Relief immediately after. Y’all know I’m all for P-2 & You’s products. I recently purchased their Happy Hands Foaming Hand Soap and bruh……. It’s amazingggggggg! Am I surprised? Absolutely not. They have all my trust! Needless to say, after hand washing I do not run to my eczema relief. It has my hands soooooooo smooth! If y’all haven’t tried them yet, I strongly recommend. They haven’t failed me yet! 🥹💕 Currently headed back to their site because someone won’t stay out of it. “Mom can I try your new soap?” every hour. 🫠 #MadeWithAMothersLove #P2YouFam #itWORKS #HappyHands