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Works on my daughter's face

My daughter has a mild eczema on her face . There will be small red spot and dryness from time to time specially when the weather changed. I used different types of lotion which will work in one season and she will be allergic to it on the next year. I don't usually put lotion on her face ,only if needed . Last month because the weather changed I applied her lotion and found out she was suddenly allergic to it. The redness will scattered on her face, this happened to us for years already and my usual routine is to find new product again. I came across to this brand to try our luck. The service is good and they are helpful and attentive. It tames the redness of my daughter's face and help the dryness. It didn't work on other parts of her body but face is important to me because it is very sensitive . Thank you and I hope that your products can help more people.

Lip Balm

This is a really great lip balm. Leaves my lips moisturized and adds a shine as well! Love it!

This product right here, I have to say this is probably my favorite product that I purchased of all the products I got. Although all of the products are amazing and I legit can’t find the words to explain just how amazing they are and what results you see fairly quickly, this Wash has changed the game for me! I could not find anything to bathe my son with because everything would irritate his skin. I got to appoint where I would just put him in the tub and wash him up with just water because nothing seems to agree with his skin. I didn’t have to second-guess this product. The moment that I seen it on her website. I knew off top. It was going to change the game and it did just that the moment I started using it. I hope this is one of the products that will stay in rotation because, I am definitely keeping this one around amongst other products on her website. My friend is the goat and these are facts.! Go get you some !!!!!

Everything in this bundle, it is top-tier! I got this specifically for my son due to his eczema, and every night after he gets out of the shower, I use the lotion on his skin. Prior to even having this bundle, his skin was fairly rough and it would stay rough frequently. I noticed a difference one night after using it and I haven’t seen the rough skin since then. My baby skin has been smooth ever since.!

I can’t speak highly enough about these products! I just can’t. My friend really has outdone herself beyond! This is perfect for rashes! My son had a rash on his thigh this morning- I used this and noticed it cleared up hours later. GENIUS!!!!!!

Our favorite moisturizer in our home!

We have to stay stocked up because both my husband and baby uses Goodbye 2 Dry for their skin. Having dry and very sensitive skin is a pain, and finding good products is even more difficult. Goodbye 2 Dry is perfectly moisturizing without being watery or leaving a nasty sticky feeling on the skin. The first scoop on your finger is like butter, and nothing we’ve found yet compares to it.

Goes on smooth and keeps the skin soft all day.

The best hands down

This products works better than my prescribed medicine from the doctor. I use this consistently and removed rashes on my back and side like magic! Awesome product keep up the good work!

I so love the cradle cap bundle! My baby have an huge spot of it in his head!! After applying, combing throughly little to no hair comes out! It works. My baby also loves it, he falls asleep every time.

Simple Suds Baby Wash
Destiny Finley
Great Addition!

Our bath time already included the oatmeal bar and the shampoo and conditioner. We really wanted something that could be pumped to make the process of bath time smoother and simple suds baby wash definitely helped so much. We love how our baby boy smells, and how his skin feels after he’s out the bath.


My son no longer runs around the house saying itchy, and he don’t take my hand to scratch his back and stomach, this only after a few applications. Awesome product, I use it on my dry cracked winter hands also, no more cracks no more pain.

Instant Relief

Literally, almost instantly! The sooner you apply it, the faster the rash reverses. I'm 58 years old and I buy this for myself, it's not just beneficial to children

Go! Stick
Huni Wilson
My Buddy

This travel stick is perfect for me. I’m constantly on the go and the unique size fits perfectly in my pockets. I’m never ashy when on the go 😂

Thick and Smooth

I love the thickness of this oil. My skin absorbs oil so quickly so being a heavier oil my skin stay moisturized much longer.

It reall works!

Your products works wonders I used it for my dry skin! It locks in moisturize.

I used this product for my 2 month old and I seen results within a week. Overall her skin is clear now free of baby acne 10/10 would recommend i even used it on my elbows (lol) works wonders

Very soft and smooth to the skin like silk

Takes away the dryness of your skin lots of moisture love it

Cleared up a troubled area on my hand. Worked within days, and haven’t had any flare up since. Highly recommend!

Effective, Affordable, Great products

It was super helpful in terms of clearing up my skin, but it didn't help a lot with itchiness.

I purchased this product for my son’s dry skin, due to eczema and it cleared it right up! Amazing products!

Great Products, Works Great For Eczema An Dry Skin! All Natural Ingredients! Definitely A 10/10 My Family Loves P2&You Products!

I use prescription cream for itch relief. This product makes it where I don’t have to use any thing but P2! So happy for this product it’s awesome!