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An unbelievable product!

I recently discovered P2&You at a local event and was given a sample. I walked away believing and hoping that THIS was the answer to my eczema. I have many scars to show my trial and error of products that weren’t able to relieve me. Currently I’m having an flare and my skin is in the ‘super sensitive and painful stage’ so I tried the cream sample that was given to me. IMMEDIATE RELIEF! I couldn’t believe it and am now so thankful I learned about this product and company!

Hi, Mariana!
Wow! What an amazing review! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It was a pleasure to meet you and we are incredibly thankful to assist you on your healing journey.

Excellent product

Layer first with regular moisturizer, then dry skin relief on top. Dissolves easily and helps a lot with the itchiness and I see significant improvements in just 1 week. Will be buying more.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a great review! We appreciate your continued business and support and we are happy to have you a part of the #P2andYouFam !

The Best

The best product I ever used on my skin. My son applied it to his head as well and bumps were gone in 2 days. The best!!

This is great! Thank you so much for a thoughful review! We are so excited that you've gotten great results!

Worked great

Helped with my babies eczema. Will definitely be buying again.

Thank you Zachary! We are grateful and thankful to have earned your continued business!

Tiny Tush Rash Relief

We loved the barrier formed by Tiny Tush Rash Relief. It was able to block out any urine or feces that would lead to additional rash formation and let the skin beneath hydrate and heal. We mainly used it for rash treatment, but we feel it would be a great preventative balm as well.

Thank you so much for a great review! We are so glad that this product did exactly what we've formulated it for, for you and your family!

“I was using Johnson and Johnson on my baby and it broke her head and forehead out real bad. So I stopped using it and the bumps was still there. I was putting hydrocortisone and vaseline on it and it was taking the redness away slightly. I inboxed P2 & You about their eczema product for babies. It came in the mail and I washed the baby up with only water and applied the cream made by Taylor and vaseline to her head 2x a day and this is the before and after picture. 🥰🥰🥰”

This is so great! Thank you for giving us a try - we are so glad your beautiful baby girl's skin was renewed with our product!

Amazing Product!

Amazing product and customer service! I’ve been trying to stop using triamcinolone, the steroid cream, on my son’s eczema, but his face would dry up and break out really bad whenever he stopped using it. He started using the “Goodbye 2 Dry” cream and his face is clear and moisturized just as it was before. We love it!

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing review! We are so glad that our product did the trick!

Lip Balm

You’re the GREATEST! Much much better than any dermatologist I’ve seen… I used to apply Carmex, lip gloss, shoot even chapstick on my lips and not even an hour later my lips will have a terrible reaction! Within 24 hours, they’ll be swollen and the pain was unbearable. I could only use Vaseline. Recently, I placed an order for P2 & You’s lip balm! I’ve used it within 48, consistently. My lips are still clear!!!!! Shoot even feel a little softer. I just want you to know that I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. 💕
-P2 & You’s FOREVER customer Bri.

After 12 days of using 'Goodbye to Dry' cream, my baby's eczema is clearing up. We are working on the dark spots now but this cream is beyond AMAZING! The spot is no longer dry and looking like it's about to peel. Thank you for such a great product

Happy With This Product

Products worked great! Stopped my daughter's itchiness within a couple of days. I will be ordering more. I'm running out! Thanks again

This is Impressive!

I grabbed one of the Goodbye 2 Dry 5 oz containers for my son who's dealt with eczema for 18 years. He was instantly impressed with the creaminess and how fast this soaks into dry, inflamed skin. The price makes it a great buy as well, even compared to most big brands. Support small business, support this lovely young woman working magic for skincare, and her top notch customer service. Will be buying regularly in the future.

Worked Fast!

My 18 mo old daughter had an eczema flare up on Tuesday, I applied our favorite product that morning and saw improvements by that same evening. The bottom pic is her skin the very next day! We used ‘Goodbye 2 Dry’ Dry Skin Relief from p2 & you. Calmed her skin right on down.

I'm A Believer!

If you know, you my sensitive-skin self be going thru it!! (Body stay in pain! Due to itching and scratching, creating bloody cuts.... became hopeless) I’ve been to dermatologists. I’ve been prescribed every cream in the book. NOTHING WORKED, became worse. I was over it! Welp, a couple weeks ago I ordered ‘Goodbye 2 Dry’ Dry Skin Relief from P2 & You and y’all!!!! This is my results within 10 days. I strongly recommend this to anyone with dry, itchy, inflamed, and rashy skin! If it works for me, I know it’ll work for you! Thank you P2 & You! It’s safe for me to order the big jar.

Perfect for sensitive hands with lots of hand washing

Soap instantly dry my hands out.. (eczema flares up really bad) So every time I wash my hands, I apply my Goodbye 2 Dry Eczema Relief immediately after. Y’all know I’m all for P-2 & You’s products. I recently purchased their Happy Hands Foaming Hand Soap and bruh……. It’s amazingggggggg! Am I surprised? Absolutely not. They have all my trust! Needless to say, after hand washing I do not run to my eczema relief. It has my hands soooooooo smooth! If y’all haven’t tried them yet, I strongly recommend. They haven’t failed me yet! 🥹💕 Currently headed back to their site because someone won’t stay out of it. “Mom can I try your new soap?” every hour. 🫠 #MadeWithAMothersLove #P2YouFam #itWORKS #HappyHands

I Swear By It!

I’ve been using ‘Goodbye 2 Dry’ dry skin relief from P2 & You for exactly ONE MONTH and my hand is clear, clear. Seriously impressed! I never thought I’ll see the day. 🥺🙌🏽 #STRONGLYRecommend #iLOVEThem

When i say my daughter's eczema is clearing up so well! Its' like she never had it!! If you are a determined mother like me about your child skin go shop P2 and You "goodbye to dry" skin care for kids with eczema!! Your products are a blessing for a mother like me thank you so much

Works Wonders!

I was so ashamed to post a pic of my baby when her face broke out really bad from what we now know is eczema but let me share this with yall i literally prayed and spoke over my baby"no more eczema you're pure as the day you was born" all i had was some unprescribed ointment at the time her face was clearing up so well but i still needed help her doctor prescribed her hydrocortisone while applying that i still spoke these words over her so then my sis tells me about p2 products the goodbye 2 dry i applied it and it worked!

Bought this for my son

He LOVES his lotion and knows he gets it every night for bedtime! The other day he grabbed it and said "Dada ON!" And pointed to the dry patches on his elbows. Thank you for making such amazing products!

'Goodbye 2 Dry' Dry Skin Relief


Works amazing saw results within 2 days of use.

Tiny Tush Rash Relief
Doctor Diaper Rash Review

At first glance, you may think this is a jar of vaseline. However, looks can be deceiving. Inside, you will find a combination of all-natural products designed with YOU in mind! There’s lots to love about this product. It forms an occlusive barrier that is easy to see and stays where you put it. Packed with anti-inflammatories and moisturizers, our skin felt protected and supple after only a few applications. With only five all-natural ingredients, you can rest assured this product is safe for even the most sensitive of skin. A little scoop of this Tiny Tush Rash Relief is all you need for full bottom protection!

Made my skin feel like Silk!

I have some discoloration on my skin and it faded by using this cream. My skin felt like Silk once I was done using it. I only had to use a small quality to get results ASAP. This is some miracle cream!

"You have a winner here! This is amazing!"

Miracle in a jar!

I ordered the goodbye 2 dry cream and I just got it like maybe 3 days ago and I really love how my daughter light eczema is already looking better.. this is definitely a great product to use in your little ones. I highly recommend it!