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Healing Happens Here Small Business Ads

Healing Happens Here Small Business Ads

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Run promotional ads in the P2 & You Facebook community to discover a powerful opportunity to showcase your small business to your target audience.

We've done the hard work for you by accumulating over 13,500 members in one place, now all you have to do is present your services and products to individuals with sensitive skin conditions.

Expand your reach today and advertise with 3H ads!


Rules for posting Ads 

1. You must be a Healing Happens Here group member.

2. All ads must be relevant to eczema, psoriasis, other chronic skin conditions, etc.

3. Advertise exclusively on Saturdays (feel free to include #3HSmallBusinessSaturday if desired).

4. Stick to the purchased number of ads, as any extra postings will result in a warning and eventual removal. If you have not purchased an ad, please do not post them. All posts are diligently tallied, so please refrain from attempting to surpass the purchased amount. P.S. Comments about your products or services on others posts do count as ads.

 5. No advertisements for other Facebook groups are allowed.

6. Posting ads on any day other than Saturday will result in a warning and potential group removal.

7. If your post is not a personal question/photo/anecdote/recommendation, then it is most likely an ad. Please follow the appropriate rules when posting the ad. If you are unsure, you are welcome to PM the admin for clarity.

 There’s an Ads package to suit everyone’s needs!

Our Ad Packages include:

1 Ad

Small business can post a single ad on any Saturday (this is a good way to "get your feet wet" and see how the group responds to your product/service).

5 Ads

Small business can post 5 ads on any Saturday (I highly recommend posting once weekly as the best way to reach a large audience consistently).

10 Ads

Small business can post 5 ads on any Saturday (I suggest posting twice weekly to increase consistency and visibility, as our group is known to move quickly).


and more! 


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